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Harry Warshaw is a Montreal-based jewelry designer. He discovered his passion for jewelry while working with his mother, a talented jeweler and artist. After graduating with a degree in music and working for eight years in the live event industry, Harry followed his heart and decided to pursue his passion for jewelry design at the Montreal School of Jewellery, from which he graduated in 2023. Through his work, he explores the intersection of traditional techniques and modern technologies in jewelry design and manufacturing.Harry is excited to help you create jewellery for your next engagement / wedding / birthday / holiday gift / non-holiday gift / gift-to-self / b'nai mitzvah / cotillion / Met Gala / corporate retreat / incorporeal confrontation / graduation / coronation / identification / just an everyday ornamentation, or any other project you have in mind.




Thanks for your interest in buying some jewellery! For pieces from my '7 jours' collection, click the above image. For custom work, please fill out the form below, or shoot me a message via email or Instagram, and I'll get back to you ASAP.


jewellery@harryw.xyz | 514 267 9830